Photography in SL

Pylia Fashion 0706 c
Pylia Fashion 0706 b
Pylia Fashion 0706

I know in yesterday's post I said I would do a fashion blog tonight, and to be honest, I really intended on it.  I even put on a new fancy ass dress from R.icelli with plans of showing off some outfits I got from there yesterday.  What happened though was I got distracted by taking better photos in Second LIfe.

Strawberry Singh has some really great tutorials on the subject and I was following her directions, and then my computer crashed, which of course means I had to start all over.  By the time it came around to time to edit my videos I really just wanted to get through it as quickly as possible so I used the Windows tools that are already in my photo editor.  I hope you don't mind.  I'm still learning about this, but I am really trying.  I think in a few months it will be interesting to see my progress.

Anyway, for grins, I posted a few of the pictures I was playing around with tonight on my Flickr so I'll share them here as well.