Labyrinth Space Station

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Labyrinth Space Station

I was feeling a little spacey tonight, so I thought I'd check out a space-themed sim. I don't tend to go to overly populated places so I just searched in the SL viewer's search and selected a place with an interesting name and went with Labyrinth Space Station.

The description led me to believe that this place would have some light RP opportunities and it had enough traffic that you'd expect a few folks to be hanging about. When you first tp in you are in a small room with two hallways. I chose one, for no particular reason, and ended up in an empty bar/strip club. The decor was cute, kind of matched my pink and black theme for the evening, but nothing overly calling that it was on a space station other than walking down the hall there are planets and stars in the distance.

I walked down the other hallway which led to a shop rental area. The prices are super reasonable, 50L for 100 prims. I am not sure if that is in an effort to get more traffic. The majority of the shops were empty, save one that had some anime portraits. There were some windows that gave you a better view of space. There is a stairway that goes to a viewing area with a hookah so you and your friends can chat and virtual hookah.

Should you go, there appears to be a large window in the shop area, it isn't a window, its an opening and when you fall through flying is not enabled here so you pretty much fall to their building area and are stuck.

The description also says that this place is hiring, so I am going to work with the assumption that they are working on creating it now and will be adding more things in the future.   I hope they do, I really like the idea of a cool space station hang out spot.


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